• Firebase in Production

    Firebase is Google’s lightweight Backend as a Service solution which includes:

  • GCI 2012 and Sahana Software Foundation

    This is a post about my experience working with the Sahana Software Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that develops software like Eden, Vesuvius and Agasti to help organisations like the UN in disaster management efforts.

  • WikiPDF

    TCS IT Wiz is coming up (the Kolkata edition’s on the 9th) and that means a lot of research work, especially from Wikipedia. So, I wrote up a quick tool to export Wikipedia pages as PDFs. First, install Python 2.7 from here and download the following script:

  • Limbo.

    I recently managed to grab Limbo (and a few other excellent videogames) as a part of the 5th Humble Indie Bundle. I’d seen Limbo long before HIB5, but back then it’d only been released on XBLA, which is why I was overjoyed to see it on HIB5 (which usually means Linux compatibility.) Unfortunately it appears that the Linux version is a simple WINE wrapper over the Windows version. Either way, I had to have a go at it (on my dad’s laptop which still runs XP.)

  • How I Got My School's ICSE Exam Results.

    First, have a look at ICSE Results (Loyola) and Prizewinners/Toppers (ICSE).

  • The Journey

    I stand by the window of an old train, Screeching along through torrents of rain. By meadows of joy and forests of dark sorrow. Through unknown towns, unknown villages and the countryside.

  • Throwback: ETRIX '08

    I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 and found this photograph among some of my old files. It was the first computer-related event I participated in (and won!) — the web designing contest from ETRIX ‘08.

  • The Value of Software

    I recently showed one of my collaborators on Quizzardous! the private alpha version that I came up with after around a month. I expected him to shower praises upon it, and call it the best thing since the Internet. After all, I was doing revolutionary work, no?

  • Say less, do more.

    Shut up! Announcing your plans makes you less motivated to accomplish them. - Derek Sivers

  • HOWTO: Get started with Amazon EC2.

    TLDR: I just got myself an Amazon EC2 micro instance (which, by the way, is free for an entire year) and set up gunicorn and nginx on it. This is the first blog post, which documents the EC2 part of the process.

  • LEMOD 2012

    A graphical mark I came up with, for LEMOD 2012, a leadership conference.

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