Aviral Dasgupta

Software Engineer & Designer



Sep 17 — Feb 18
Software Engineering Intern
Working in the NOTE team, currently focused on building scalable real-time integrations with other functions on the Bloomberg Terminal.
C++ Python XSD Pub/sub
Summer 2017
Software Engineering Intern
Developed and tested the next version of Plivo’s Node.js, Java, Python and Go SDKs, as well as new tooling for automatic generation of examples, documentation and code from predefined schema. Also worked on framework and components for as yet unannounced visual developer tool.
Java Python Node.js Go API Testing AWS Flask SQLAlchemy
Summer 2016
Google Summer of Code · Matrix.org
Student Developer
Worked on a flexible plugin system for the Vector client, a rich text editor based on Draft.js and a Slack Webhook API compatible application service.
React JavaScript (ES6) Go Node.js
2010 — now
Various Organizations
Technical Consultant
Consulted for several companies including CrystalMD, WindowShopper, Sahana Software Foundation, SnipClip, and more.

Awards & Achievements

TADHack Global Hackathon
London Winner & Matrix.org Prize Recipient
Won prizes for Pushtime, a Chrome extension and Android app I wrote to sync clipboards, phone health, OTPs, and more securely over the Matrix protocol.
2016 & 2017
Mindfire Debasish Das Memorial IT Quiz
Placed 1st and 2nd respectively in this tech quiz organized by Mindfire Solutions.
Indiahacks - Online Commerce Track
Developed and pitched Ozonetel IVR backed automated delivery tracking solution, TrackShack at HackerEarth’s Indiahacks hackathon.
Grand Prize Winner
Invited to exclusive ​Hackcelerator programme and Angelhack’s Global Demo Day in San Francisco, for Android testing, user feedback and deployment tools startup, Codeorb.
2nd at Singapore World Finals
Designed & developed ​Gridlock Exchange, a security-focused ecommerce platform and performed successful penetration tests on competitors’ apps.
2010 & 2012
Grand Prize Winner
Awarded grand prize and a trip to Google’s Mountain View HQ twice by Google for open source work with ​Sahana Software Foundation (Sahana Eden - Disaster Management Platform) and ​Tux4Kids (TuxMath - Educational Game).
2011 & 2012
World Finalist
Placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the international finals of this very popular technology quiz contest organized by Tata Consultancy Services.


2014 — 2018
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science
2001 — 2014
ICSE & ISC Pure Science with Computer Science