Aviral Dasgupta

Software Development Engineer

Dublin, IE

Recent Experience

Google (AdsML SREApril 21 — now
Software Engineer III, Site Reliability Engineering
Google (AdsML SRENov 19 — April 21
Software Engineer II, Site Reliability Engineering
I am responsible for the data extraction, storage and ML experimentation, training & serving platforms that support ML teams across Google, both as a first responder for production incidents, and as a developer with a reliability/scalability focus.
  • Designed and implemented automation to reallocate ML hardware accelerators (TPUs) when blocked on feature extraction (saving between 27~36 SWE/yr)
  • Designed and implemented infrastructure to allow ML models to block on input data completeness (protecting against failure modes that have cost $xM in the past)
  • Completed and productionized service that batches together configuration changes to avoid overloading storage backend (unblocked processes essential for revenue critial model experimentation.)
  • Conducted production readiness review for new transfer learning system.
C++ Go Python SRE
Amazon (RBS - Auto Correction & EnrichmentFeb 18 — Sep 19
SDE I & SDE Intern
I worked on services that perform automated catalog content validation and correction before new items are displayed on Amazon.com.
  • Designed system to compute quality score for corrections performed by our services by sampling requests.
  • Built self service capability into Enrichment solution, to allow customers to onboard faster, and with less developer involvement.
  • Migrated legacy systems to Cloudformation and Live Pipeline Templates (Infrastructure as Code) to enable rapid expansion to new marketplaces. Wrote missing integration tests to make these services’ pipelines’ full CD.
  • Automated a lengthy and error-prone manual onboarding process, freeing up 1 SDE/yr.
  • Analysed legacy codebase to find and fix system-wide issues involving data races and consistency issues, leading to increased system stability and reliability.
Ruby Python Java Spring Hibernate AWS
Bloomberg L. P. (Collaboration - NotesSep 17 — Feb 18
Software Engineering Intern
Designed and built a service for publishing real-time NOTE metadata to some of the most popular functions on the Bloomberg Terminal. Also developed a reusable UI component allowing other functions to display this data.
  • Improved key workflows of Notes clients, leading to increased user productivity.
  • Simplified integration process, resulting in added integration points in other functions and increased user acquisition for Notes.
C++ Python TypeScript
Google Summer of Code · Matrix.org  Mar 16 — Aug 16
Student Developer
Worked on enhancements for the Riot IM client, including a new rich text editor based on Draft.js, a flexible and extensible autocomplete system, as well as a Slack Webhook API compatible Application Service.
React JavaScript (ES6) Go Node.js

Selected Awards & Achievements

TADHack Global Hackathon  2017
London Winner & Matrix.org Prize Recipient
Won prizes for Pushtime, a Chrome extension and Android app I wrote to sync clipboards, phone health, OTPs, and more securely over the Matrix protocol.
2nd at World Finals
Designed & developed ​Gridlock Exchange, a security-focused e-commerce platform, and performed successful penetration tests on competitors’ apps.
Google Code-in  2010, 2012
Grand Prize Winner
Awarded grand prize twice by Google for open source work with ​Sahana Software Foundation (Sahana Eden - Disaster Management Platform) and ​Tux4Kids (TuxMath - Educational Game).


Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science
ICSE & ISC Pure Science with Computer Science